FIAP, PSA, GPU, RPS......meer dan 300 Prijzen!
Entryfees 2016 AGAIN NOT RAISED




Holland International Image Circuit again does NOT raise the Entrance fee!




For the 10th time in a row the entry fees are NOT RAISED. We did however make a bigger catalogue for you to enjoy!

We are very proud of our 216 page full color Catalogue which everybody who entered the circuit received for free.

We do not believe in a digital catalogue and our goal will always be to give you a wonderful book filled with all awardwinners.

The Presidents Award is on the cover each edition and your awardwinning works will be in bookcases all over the world.



Entrance Fee


Entrance Fee per person for 5 salons:


1 section €45, $60

2 sections €50, $65

3 sections €55, $70



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