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UPI Namechange

Dear friends,

As you all know, a long time ago, we, in the Governing Board of UPI received an e-mail from an American company ''UPI United Press International'', requesting us to abandon our domain name, our logo and generally every usage of the word UPI. Ιn the beginning, as a result of USA's (one-sided) court decision, they firstly managed to block our access to our website and server and afterwards they took from us our domain name (ending in .com), as all of you know.

Αt present they come back informing us that if we do not totally change our name (from UPI to something else) they will proceed to new trials and claim compensation from our organization for loss of profit. Their company, that was founded in 1952 as a news agency (United Press International), considers that our UPI (United Photographers International) can harm their interests and cause confusion to their customers due to the usage of the same acronym (UPI). We definitely wanted to keep our name so we consulted several lawyers. Unfortunately despite our every effort, each one of the lawyers consulted us that the best solution for our UPI is to change its name. As a result, our governing board after examining several names along with our lawyers, agreed to rename our association to Global Photographic Union (GPU). We have already checked that we can legally secure our new name both in Europe and universally.

The last extraordinary General Meeting in Morocco certified the change of the name.

From now ahead you can visit our web page at:

Personally I would like to assure all my photo friends that we all did our best and that we will keep doing the same in the future. I would also like to thank you for your trust, and I promise that I, in person, along with our governing board will keep on working hard for the best interests of our association motivated primarily from our love in photography.

Please help this new web page to be quickly well known!

My best regards

Manolis Metzakis
GPU President



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